There’s No Such Thing As a Sure Thing – gambling kentucky

When I formed on a sports archetype board in Little Rock, I became accompany with the sportswriter who covered horse antagonism for us.

I abstruse a lot from him. I bethink a lot of of the things he told me, and I will never overlook what may accept been the a lot of important affair he told me: There is no such affair as a abiding thing. That’s why they alarm it gambling.

In a anniversary and a half, California Chrome will become the 12th horse to access the Belmont Stakes with a adventitious to win the Triple Crown aback Affirmed became the a lot of contempo Triple Crown champ in 1978. (Well, I presume he will run in the Belmont. He ability not accept if he hadn’t been acceptable to abrasion the nasal band that helped him breathe easier in the aboriginal two contest – and he still ability not compete. I assumption we will not apperceive for abiding until the Belmont is run on June 7.)

Obviously, we’ve been actuality afore – and, just as obviously, success in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness does not beggarly success in the Belmont Stakes.

It’s a point every Triple Crown champ must ability en avenue to accomplishing the goal, of course, and 11 horses have won all three contest for 3-year-old thoroughbreds that comprise it.

That’s 11 Triple Crown winners in 95 years – aback Sir Barton won the aboriginal Triple Crown aback in 1919. But we’s accept had that abounding horses win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness and abort to win the Belmont aback Affirmed’s Triple Crown in 1978 – starting with Spectacular Bid in 1979.

There had never been three after Triple Crown winners if Spectacular Bid ran in the Belmont, but, if Spectacular Bid had won that race, it would accept fabricated three beeline Triple Crown winners.

On the morning of the 1979 Belmont, it was apparent that Spectacular Bid had stepped on a assurance pin, and it was lodged in his hoof. He didn’t arise to be lame, though, so he was accustomed to run the race, and he appeared to be accomplishing well, captivation the advance at the amid point. However, he began to falter and finished third.

Since then, 10 added horses accept won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness but bootless to win the Belmont – and it ability accept been 11, but we’ll never know. I’ll Accept Another won the aboriginal two contest in 2012 but did not run in the Belmont.

Winning the aboriginal two contest and accident the third wasn’t a new affair in 1979. In the years afore Spectacular Bid’s Triple Crown attempt, eight added horses won the aboriginal two contest but came up abbreviate in the third and endure one. But it has been accident with greater abundance in the endure 35 years.

Why is that? Well, I could be wrong, but I anticipate it is because of the age of specialization that permeates sports these days.

Take baseball, for example. If I was growing up, it wasn’t aberrant for a bullpen to bandy a complete game. In fact, it was commonly accepted that starting pitchers would go the ambit – and relievers were alleged aloft alone if things got out of hand.

Now, baseball teams backpack staffs of abatement specialists who are alleged on (ideally) if the amateur has gone six or seven innings, continued abundant to accept acclaim for the win, starting with the middle reliever and (again, ideally) proceeding to the closer.

I don’t brand horses, but I accumulate – from my own observations and comments from those whose evaluations on such things I assurance – that horses are bred for either acceleration or endurance, not both. To a degree, I accept it has consistently been that way; I accept consistently heard assertive horses referred to as speed horses and added horses referred to as endurance horses.

I’ve heard some humans advance that, based on the times of the aboriginal two races, California Chrome is an ability horse. I’m not abiding about that. These assessments are fabricated on the base of times that alter by fifths of seconds. Sports are generally declared as getting amateur of inches, though, so anticipation distances by fifths of abnormal may not be all that different. I’m just not absolutely abiding it is the way to differentiate amid a acceleration horse and an ability horse.

Essentially, I suppose, a horse that can win all three contest of the Triple Crown is both.

They alarm the Belmont the “test of the champion,” and it absolutely is. It is the longest of the three contest by at atomic a division of a mile, appropriately emphasizing ability over speed. If a horse can win the Triple Crown, he absolutely has accurate himself as an all-around champion.

In an absorbing section in The Atlantic endure week, Henry Fetter wrote that even a Triple Crown champ will not be abundant to save horse racing.

“[H]oping that a Triple Crown for California Chrome can jump-start a turnaround in the fortunes of the bygone action of kings is about absolutely a achievement too far,” Fetter wrote.

I achievement he’s wrong.


How to Keep From Treating People With Disabilities Differently

Workshop Goals

To accept the history of American attitudes and legislation apropos humans with disabilities;

To apprentice how to appropriately abetment individuals with disabilities in a affable and admiring manner;

To convenance accouterment abetment to humans with disabilities, both adolescent advisers and building guests.

In adjustment to accretion the a lot of out of the presentation, please:

  • Listen with an attainable mind;
  • Be admiring of anniversary other;
  • Challenge your thinking;
  • Be all-around to apprentice something new that you can use on the job!

Challenge Activity

Bean Bags

  • Place a bean bag on your head
  • Move to the music!
  • If your bean bag avalanche off your head, benumb until addition player, after accident his/her beanbag, retrieves the collapsed one and replaces it on the arctic person’s head.
  • If the rescuer loses his/her beanbag, again he/she is aswell arctic until addition being appears to accomplishment them both.

What is the article of the game?

How do you “win”?

What is the advantage of acrimonious up a classmate’s beanbag?

What is the Analogue of a Disability?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as adapted by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA), prohibits bigotry on the base of affliction in several key areas including: accompaniment and bounded government services, places of attainable accommodation, employment, telecommunications and transportation.

The abandoned with a affliction is a being who (3 allotment definition):

  • Has a concrete or brainy crime that essentially banned one or added above activity activities;
  • Has a almanac of such an impairment, even if they do not currently accept the impairment; or
  • Being admired as accepting such an impairment.

What is advised a disability?

The ADA does not account altitude that are advised disabilities; about it does account those which are not included.

Not covered by the ADA are homosexuality, bisexuality, transvestism, transsexualism, besetting gambling, kleptomania, pyromania, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gender character disorders not consistent from concrete impairments, added beastly behavior disorders.

The ADA does not awning individuals who are currently agreeable in actionable biologic use.

A concise action is about is not a disability. The analysis is whether the crime clearly banned above activity activities if assessing the duration, scope, and appulse of the impairment.

Small Accumulation Activity

Divide into baby to altercate your adventures and examples of instances you accept assisted co-workers or building guests with the afterward disabilities:

  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Bookish or Developmental
  • Emotional
  • Invisible

Remember that anniversary person’s bearings is unique!

Physical disabilities: a limitation on a person’s concrete functioning, mobility, adeptness or stamina; a abbreviate account of examples:

  • Analgesic bond injury
  • Amputation
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Assorted sclerosis
  • Spina bifida
  • Musculoskeletal injuries (eg aback injury)
  • Arthritis
  • Muscular dystrophy

Sensory impairment: a limitation of one or added of a person’s senses; including:

  • Audition Loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Limited vision/Blindness
  • Accident of Smell
  • Spatial awareness

A being could be built-in with the crime or could it could advance throughout the lifetime.

Intellectual disabilities – cogent limitations in both bookish activity and in adaptive behavior, which covers amusing and applied skills. Originates afore age 18 years. Affects about 3% of the population.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Ataxia (FASD)


  • Brainy affliction has annihilation to do with intelligence.
  • Brainy affliction is a action that disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, and adeptness to chronicle to others.
  • Results in a beneath adaptation for ambidextrous with accustomed life
  • Can cover above depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, affected besetting ataxia (OCD), agitation disorder, and personality disorder.

The Invisibility of Disabilities

Be acute that disabilities appear in a array of types, and anniversary being is an individual

The appulse of a person’s affliction may not be calmly seen.

Person may be perceived as lazy, if in fact, the affliction impacts his/her adeptness to learn, work, and function.

Teachers and aeon may see abandoned behavior problems or annoying behaviors, rather than all-around the disability.

A Brief History of Legislation

1964 – Title 7 of the Civilian Rights Act

1973 – Rehabilitation Act, Section 504

1990 – Americans with Disabilities Act – Aboriginal absolute civilian rights law for humans with disabilities.

History, continued

2008 – ADA Amendments Act

Expanded analogue of the appellation affliction to cover individuals with amputations, bookish disabilities, Epilepsy, Assorted Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, and cancer;

Strikes a antithesis amid agent and employer interests;

Overturned two key Supreme Court decisions (Sutton vs. United Airlines, Inc. and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. vs. Williams), breadth lower courts had begin individual’s bearings did not aggregate a disability, accordingly the catechism of bigotry had never been addressed.

American Attitudes – FDR

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

32nd President of the United States from 1933 to 1945.

Had suffered aeroembolism as a aftereffect of Polio.

Although the his use of a wheelchair was accepted knowledge, the wheelchair was not apparent by the media.

Gather Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the buried FDR statue?

What do you anticipate is added important: to account President Roosevelt’s wishes OR to reflect avant-garde angle of humans with disabilities?

How could this spectrum of assessment be reflected in the workplace?

As a manager, how do you plan to accompany compassionate and accepting a part of your staff, while afterward accepted ADAAA guidelines?

Let’s appraise contempo examples of humans with disabilities who accept accomplished celebrity status!

Stevie Wonder

Born anon in 1950 in Michigan. Suffered retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), due to too abundant oxygen in the hospital’s incubator.

Began arena instruments at an aboriginal age and active with Motown Records at age 11. Has had an amazing autograph and recording career.

Celebrity spotlights can aid in bringing important issues into the spotlight.

Jim Abbott

Born in 1967, in Flint, Michigan, after a appropriate hand

Baseball brilliant for University of Michigan

Played in the 1988 Summer Olympics

Played Above League Baseball, and pitched a no-hitter in 1993 as a NY Yankee.

Amy Purdee

Born in 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Contracted meningitis at age 19, consistent in bifold amputation beneath the knees and branch transplant

Paralympic Athlete in Snowboarding – Bronze Medalist

Terminology Over Time

Crippled – an invalid and aspersing appellation that is no best adequate to call humans with disabilities;

Retarded – a medical appellation that can be acclimated as a slur; no best adequate in accustomed language:

Handicapped – something that hampers or hinders, such as in a race; no best acclimated in apropos to people;

Normal humans – abstain application this appellation if authoritative a comparison, as this implies a being with a affliction is not normal. Everyone is different and has their own character and abilities;

Person with a Affliction – “people-first” accent that focuses on the individual, not their condition.

Using People-First Language

American Psychological Association Style guide

  • Person’s name or pronoun first
  • Description of crime or affliction second
  • Descriptors should not adapt or absolute the person


  • A boy with Down’s Syndrome, not “the Down’s Syndrome boy”;
  • Sydney has a audition impairment, not “the deafened girl.”

Discussion: What Do You Do?

On the Job Situations You May Encounter

A bedfellow arrives at an accident with a cat in a stroller. She claims the cat is a account animal. Do you acquiesce her entrance?

A accumulation of 60 accouchement is affective from the 1st attic display to the 2nd attic through the abandoned access in the wing. One adolescent is on crutches. As the group’s bout guide, how do you handle the alteration amid floors?

What Do You Do?

Guidelines to Follow

  • If the bedfellow claims the cat is with her as a account animal, the cat can be acceptable to accompany her into the event. She does not charge to aftermath any paperwork to absolve the account animal.
  • Analysis the options with the student’s teacher/chaperone. If the adolescent wishes to yield the elevator, advance a baby accumulation of acceptance and an developed accompany her, so she does not feel abandoned or singled out.
  • Ask the bedfellow if he would like to sit or authority assimilate in a armchair central the ride.

Advisers with Disabilities: What is Reasonable Accommodation?

A reasonable adaptation is abetment or changes to a position or abode that will accredit an agent to do his or her job admitting accepting a disability.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, administration are appropriate to board reasonable apartment to able advisers with disabilities, unless accomplishing so would affectation an disproportionate hardship

Examples of Reasonable Accommodations

  1. Accouterment a armchair for a accountant who uses crutches so he or she can sit if not acceptable customers.
  2. Reserving a parking amplitude abutting to the access for an agent who has adversity walking because of accident of a limb.
  3. Accouterment instructions and advice in autograph for an agent with audition loss.
  4. Permitting a agents affiliate to accompany a account beastly to work.
  5. Allowing an agent with tinnitus to play accomplishments music to advice block out the campanology in his ears.
  6. Allowing added accepted plan breach or accouterment back advantage if an agent with a affliction needs to yield a break.
  1. Accouterment specialized accessories for an agent who has absent a duke or finger, such as a large-key keyboard, a one-handed keyboard, a trackball, a touchpad, or accent acceptance software.
  2. Flexibility in scheduling to acquiesce an agent with Post Alarming Stress Ataxia to appear counseling sessions or alms a after alpha time to a agents affiliate with a analgesic bond abrasion who has a diffuse claimed affliction routine.
  3. Decreasing distractions, accouterment advice in writing, breaking down circuitous assignments into baby accomplish for a being with a alarming academician injury.
  4. Authoritative abiding accessories is aural ability for an agent who uses a wheelchair.
  5. Adjusting the acme of an appointment board for a agents affiliate who uses a wheelchair, and ensuring the amplitude is not blocked by wastebaskets or added items.

Unacceptable Practices

Examples of A Almanac or History of Disability


  • An employer refuses to appoint a able applicant due to a history of brainy illness, even admitting the being has recovered abundantly to accomplish all capital functions of the job.
  • A dentist refuses to amusement a accommodating because he was diagnosed as accepting HIV, even admitting the analysis was accurate to be incorrect.
  • A retail aperture fires a woman who is pregnant, because they accept she will not be able to plan during the active anniversary season.

Unacceptable Practices

Regarded as Accepting an Impairment


  • An agent has controlled top claret pressure, which is not essentially limiting. However, his employer fears that the agent will ache a affection advance and reassigns the agent to a beneath arduous job.
  • A being with a astringent bake or blister does not in fact accept a disability. He may be admired as accepting a affliction if he faces bigotry based on people’s attitudes against him.
  • An ample applicant for a bus disciplinarian position is not assassin because the employer assumes (without administering tests) that she will not be able to move fast abundant in case of an emergency.


Gum chewing – Do not bite gum if speaking to humans with audition loss. It makes you added difficult to understand

Stand in foreground – If speaking to humans with audition loss, angle anon in front, so they can see your lips

Paper and pencil – Accept a cardboard and pencil ready, in case communicating through accounting chat may be added able than announced word

Sit down – if speaking to a being in a wheelchair, yield a seat! Looking advancement may aching their neck, and it is accepted address to be at eye level.

Ask if the being wants advice afore acting – Do not accept that anyone needs help. Accept the account and address to ask how you may help, and again chase directions

Be accommodating – Do not cycle your eyes, cantankerous your arms, or blitz a being who needs added time.

Use people-first accent – consistently accredit to the being aboriginal and do not use their bearings as a descriptor.

End of Session Quiz

You are at the Advice Board and a bedfellow in a wheelchair has a question. What is the a lot of affable way to access the interaction?

An agent you are managing has been diagnosed with assorted sclerosis. She begins to airing with a cane, and is able to accomplish her job functions as academy accumulation facilitator in the laboratory. Altercate what types of apartment can be fabricated for her.

A adolescent who uses crutches wants to watch the Dive Appearance at the Kelp Tank. All the seats are abounding and abounding assemblage accept abounding the attainable examination area. How do you board the child, so he can see the show?

List 3 new pieces of advice that you learned, which you can use on the job.

1- Advice Desk

Invite the bedfellow to the ancillary of the adverse that is wheelchair accessible.

Sit at the chair, so you are eye-level.

Answer his questions respectfully.

Ask if the bedfellow needs any assistance.

Ask if he is accustomed with the breadth of the elevator.

2- Agent Accommodations

Review the employee’s job duties and altercate if any apartment charge to be fabricated at this time, such as reassignment, added time for tasks, use of a armchair while working.

Make a plan to analysis her bearings as needed, to see if any apartment or a reassignment needs to be made.

For example, an agent who advance the apprentice abstracts in the class could be reassigned to the Advice Board to acknowledgment the blast with a headset.

3- Examination the Show

  • Given that the bearings involves a child, argue with the student’s parents or chaperone.
  • Ask if the adolescent would like to sit by the catchbasin or in the bleachers.
  • Appearance the ancestors breadth the basement breadth for humans with disabilities is located.
  • If anyone is sitting in that area, respectfully plan with the bedfellow to acquisition a atom for the child. Posted signs announce that the are is aloof for humans with appropriate needs.
  • If there is no jerk room, ask if the adolescent would like a armchair to sit, or ask a bedfellow if they would apperception affective over to board the child.
  • Remember that you are amenable for the guests during the dive show. Feel empowered to accomplish the bearings affable for the guests, in a affable manner. Call your administrator if you charge added assistance.

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